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The categories of artists in collecting - Mid-Career Artists

Today we’ll talk about the second category of artists in this international classification system, which was also adopted for the convenience of the collectors.

As a rule, a mid-career artist has created a large number of works in his own already recognisable style. Artists at this stage of their careers have received prestigious awards, their solo projects have been exhibited in public spaces, and major museums have already acquired their works for their collections and catalogues have been published. What is important is that in the Mass Media not merely have they been alluded to (which is possible for emerging artists), but full reviews have appeared.

In Russia, a work of a mid-career artist is valued on average at $5,000 (edition art starts from approximately $400; you can look at our website http://jart.market/en/). At the same time, the collector carries less risks in comparison with the purchase of works by emerging artists – generally, the increase in the value and fame of the artist in the future is implied.

One of the prominent representatives of mid-career artists in Russia is Pavel Otdelnov. We will not talk in detail about his biography, as you can find it on our website https://www.jart-gallery.ru/otdelnov.

What is important is that Pavel has made it possible for the young generation to collect: in 2019, he created a work, titled “Startup”, in the silkscreen technique, ($450), and in 2018, a series of watercolours “#hashtags” (from $400), which is pertinent to today's online life.

We have written a lot about prices and the market, but let's not forget the main formula for a successful Art collection. Choose only what you sincerely like! As regards all other questions, Art consultants will help you. One of the bestsellers on jart.market is Pavel Otdelnov’s work “Startup”.