Alexander Kosolapov

One of the best-known prints in Russian art. Paradigmatic artwork of sots art. (A type of Unofficial art practised in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s in which the officially sanctioned style of Socialist Realism was undermined by treating its conventions in an ironic or mocking way (the term derives from the Russian for Socialist Realism—Sotsialisticheskiy Realism) - Oxford Dictionary)

One can say that Alexander Kosolapov the artist did not create a new movement in art and did not spawn students or imitators. He worked within the framework of the Sots-Art movement, which was created and formulated by others (although with his participation). Nevertheless, having worked in this vein for over 40 years, he has managed to bring the Sots-Art formulas to utmost laconism. His works have become instantly recognizable trademarks, and Kosolapov himself has become a brand.

Author: Alexander Kosolapov

Year: 1985

Medium: Silkscreen

Edition: 25

Period: before 2000's

Format: Large

Size: 73 x 92 cm

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