Dima Gorbunov
Dima Gorbunov looks the canvas of a masterpiece painting under a microscope, trying to find out what affects us, which substance cause emotions from outstanding artworks. He finds that this substance is serotonin. The molecules of happiness are responsible for emotions getting from art. In this series of silk-screen printing, he shares the discovery with the audience.

Gorbunov is interested in photorealistic figurative painting, where the main role is played by the conventions of the environment, which dictates the artist's images. In the new projects the artist discusses the collective mind and how much the consciousness of each individual person, determined by self-development and improvement of personal conditions, resists and moves away from the original evolutionary construct as a living species.

Gorbunov is on 44th place in the InArt ranking "Top 100 Young Authors."

Author: Dima Gorbunov

Year: 2019

Medium: Screenprint

Edition: 35

Period: after 2010

Format: Medium

Size: 70 х 50 cm

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