Oleg Kulik
In 2018 Oleg Kulik spent the summer in Brittany, France. The artist has been living in a field with a herd of wild horses for one month. His lifestyle was as animal-like as possible. The author waited until the horses accepted him, and this happened on the thirtieth day. Finally the artist felt the freedom and then the horses reached for him. The invited photographer made a world-famous series of photographs, based on which paintings and one silkscreen edition were made by author.

Oleg Kulik is one of the founders of actionism in Russia. The artist is often called ''the symbol of Russian contemporary art''. Kulik explores the physical and emotional relationships of human and animal, ordinary and extraordinary, art and kitsch. In the 90s he was engaged in radical curatorial projects and actions. In 1994, Kulik first appeared in the form of a dog - first in Moscow, and then at the Kunsthalle in Zurich. The animal theme in his work lasted 13 years, but in the late 1990s gave way to interest in the idea of transparency.

Oleg is grantee of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation (New York, 1990), of the Berlin Senate (1995), winner of the Innovation Prize (2008)

Author: Oleg Kulik

Year: 2019

Size: 50 х 70 cm.

Medium: Screenprint

Edition: 35

Period: after 2010

Format: Medium

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