The group PG
The group PG is a type of gallery dissent art. The acronym has been variously interpreted ads Prestypnaya Gruppa (Criminal Group) or Pozharnyi gidrant (Fire Hydrant) (Degot, 2000). Formed in 1998 the group was invited to mount its first exhibition at the New Tretyakov Gallery in 2003. By the second half of the first decade of the twenty-first century it had established a wide reputation in Moscow art world. Radical in its artistic gestures and positions, the group took a clear leftist anarchist position in the European tradition in the sense of being anti- establishment, anti-authoritarian, anti - fascist and anti- racist. It opposed the political establishment, the art establishment and the commercialisation of art and society and questioned established norms and concepts. (Art and Protest in Putin's Russia, Lena Jonson)

Author: The group PG

Year: 2009

Size: 70 х 100 cm

Medium: Silkscreen

Edition: 30

Period: before 2000's

Format: Large

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